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How soundscapes work...

Every month I am looking forward to the group soundscapes at Mt Pleasant Community Centre. I get prepared with great enthusiasm and joy because I know, it will be not only beneficial for my clients, but for me as well. There is always a big takeaway for me as well after the session. Before I get there, I start to think about the intention we will set at the beginning of the session. It is important because by setting an intention, we give a direction to the sounds and frequencies. You can find more about the Frequency+Intent=Healing formula if you search for Johnatan Goldman's work online. So I find the intention before I get to the soundscape and when I say this, trust me, I do it very accurately. When I have a sentence in my mind, I start to form it by checking how the words sound, and if necessary, I change the word. I do believe there's an importance here with the words as well. The intention has to resonate with the group. When I arrive, I set the space up, unpack my instruments, and get them ready for work. When people walk into the place, we have a quick chat about sound healing and how the instruments work. Then we do some breathwork and sometimes - when it's a group that consists of regular soundscapers - we chant mantras. There's nothing to fear here...we use easy mantras like the Ohm mantra. There's something heavenly when a group of people chants the same mantra with closed eyes in a sacred space. It's up to you how loud or quiet you chant the mantra, but I highly recommend doing it full-on. The more you invest, the more you gain. After this tuning in, we set the intention (again, saying the intention out loud will give it more power, but of course, it's up to you) and the instruments start to sing. You get approximately 50 minutes of sounds undisturbed. There might be silent moments when I just let you be in that sacred space where you were taken by the vehicle of sounds. With some of the instruments, I stay where I sit, and with some of them, I move around in the room, to get closer to your bodies. Usually, I don't put instruments on your bodies (simply because if there are enough people, I don't have time for that, however during individual sessions I use them on the body quite a lot too).  Towards the end, I will guide you back (just like in yoga with Shavasana) and will give you some guidance on aftercare. Well done! You have just finished your first soundscape group session. See you there next time! 


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