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Public Sound bath series

“Love doesn’t have goals or benchmarks or blueprints, but it does have a purpose. The purpose is not to change the people we love, but to give them what they need to thrive. Love’s purpose is not to shape our beloved’s destiny, but to help them shape their own. It isn’t to show them the way, but to help them find a path for themselves, even if the path they take isn’t one we would choose ourselves, or even one we would choose for them.” The gardener and the carpenter (Alison Gopnik)

Come along and experience the power of sounds and your own loving, grateful energy

Katalin Mikecz certified Sound Healing Academy (UK) multi-instrumental Sound Healer with 1-2-1 clients is giving the opportunity to you to experience sound baths in groups.

As she is doing these sessions for her diploma as case studies, sessions have a discounted price of $10/person/session.

Come and join us on a series of sound baths at

Risingholme Community Centre (22 Cholmondeley Avenue, Opawa, Christchurch 8023) on the following days:

  • 21st March (Saturday)
  • 28th March (Saturday)
  • 4th April (Saturday)
  • 11th April (Saturday)
  • 25th April (Saturday

From 9am-10am

(please arrive about 10-15 minutes prior to start time, so we can start right on time)

followed by a debriefing with some refreshments.

Each session has a topic to focus on but all of them organized around LOVE and GRATITUDE.

Places are limited, so if you wish to come along, send an e-mail to or a text to

0226458914 and secure your spot by transferring the $10 koha to the following bank account:


Katalin Mikecz (BNZ)

(please when you transfer the koha, send an e-mail as well with the date(s) you wish to come along and your contact details)

Bring your own mat, blanket and pillow if you need one, please

Sound healing lies on the fundaments of using our own sound, or the sound of different kind of instruments to help our body, mind and spirit to rest, relax, rejuvenate and recover. It’s been part of humanity’s life from the beginning to use different sounds to make one feel relaxed, focused or alert. Now there are plenty of studies and researches that prove the positive effects of certain music, sounds on our body, mind and spirit. With sound baths one can experience stress relief, relaxation, and connect with other like minded people. It also helps re-balancing and harmonizing the phisical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and enhances ones self healing process.

It’s non invasive, gentle yet powerful. It works on cellular level through vibration, frequency and entrainment.

Please let Kata know any of your ongoing health issues, it might be important for her to know, so that she choses the appropriate method and instrument around you. Sound baths are not recommended for people with sound induced epilepsy, having serious mental illnesses or pregnant women BEFORE 12 weeks of gestation.